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Cloud solutions have become part of doing business. More companies are realising the benefits of migrating to the cloud, including streamlined operations and a connected workforce. Whatever the industry, your enterprise can leverage cloud computing to open a world of opportunity. The right cloud services can grow your business by saving time, increasing data access and improving efficiency.

Absolute Consultancy Services offer cloud solutions to small and medium businesses. We work with different enterprises to tailor services that match your business goals. How do we do this? We take the time to evaluate all the crucial elements of your company and come up with the most effective cloud IT support.

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The Benefits of Using Cloud Services For Your Business

If you run an enterprise and are not on the cloud or starting a new business, you should learn why cloud computing is worth investing in. A cloud-based IT system is cost-effective because you don’t have to buy hardware and pay for installation. With the right cloud solutions, you can only pay for what you use. Therefore, you can find solutions that satisfy your budget and objectives.

Additionally, cloud infrastructure is highly scalable. If your startup expands operations over time, you can increase the services to accommodate the changes. In an instance where a company has to scale down, cloud computing allows that, as well.

When on the cloud, you only need an internet connection to gain access. It means the workforce can access information remotely, thereby boosting collaboration. With a phone or tablet, you can update data, check reports or upload files. Thus, employees can work from anywhere, at any time. Cloud storage offers data security because you don’t have all your information on-premises. Another plus side is that you can find a cloud solution perfect for your business since providers offer different options.

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Types Of Cloud Applications We Help With


Azure Active Directory

Azure backup and hosted desktop services

Cloud Storage solutions

3CX phone systems

How We Can Help

Your company can only capitalise on the benefits of cloud computing if it has the right IT support partner. A professional support team will drive efficiency and productivity. Absolute Consultancy Services works with various businesses and knows the best cloud solutions for specific needs. We can guide you in picking a cloud services provider that suits your plans.

Our well-trained network engineers have 25+ years of combined experience, and, so, know a thing or two about IT infrastructure. Hire us to help you with different cloud applications, including Office365, Azure Active Directory and 3CX phone systems. Also, we provide monthly service contracts and an optional pay-as-you-go service.

Are you setting up a new network, upgrading an old system or need maintenance? Our trained engineers are available to help. Contact us to hire experienced experts for a wide range of cloud services.

Whether you need help setting up your network or upgrading your infrastructure, our business IT support service can help. To find out more, call us on 0161 850 0682