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The hospitality sector is rapidly changing, with the hotel industry becoming particularly competitive. While effective marketing and five-star service will go some way in protecting the bottom line, any hotelier with long-term plans needs to think seriously about IT support.

With reliable IT support, it’s easy to integrate technology like contactless payment processing or online check-in. Dedicated IT support can also ensure those payment systems are free of any vulnerabilities and that your security tools and software are up-to-date.

Guest preferences are also evolving, with hotels needing to adapt quickly to remain competitive. Whether you’re looking to introduce contactless check-in or make keyless entry systems a staple of your location, you’ll need a reliable IT support provider with extensive experience in the hotel and hospitality sector.

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Our IT Support Services for Hotels

First time looking for a hotel IT support provider? Perhaps your current IT partner is falling short of the standard of service that you deserve. At Absolute Consultancy Services, you’ll find a full range of IT support solutions that will streamline your operation.

Tailored Managed Services for the Hotel Sector

Many IT support providers make big claims about what they can deliver. However, the reality is often far different. At Absolute Consultancy Services, we’ll work alongside you to help identify the unique demands of your business and provide you with customised solutions.

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Why Choose Us for Hotel IT Support?

When choosing IT support for hotels, make sure you don’t rush into things with an inexperienced provider with little knowledge of the hospitality sector. At Absolute Consultancy Services, you can rest assured that you’re choosing a partner you can rely on.

Hotel Technology Experts

An established IT support team should have a solid understanding of the issues faced by the hotel sector. Not only can our specialist team provide you with industry-specific insights, but they can also recommend suitable solutions if you’re thinking about investing in new hotel technology as your business grows.

Cost Effective Solutions

Absolute Consultancy Services will provide you with the tools and systems you need to make waves in the hotel market. Despite being incredibly reliable, our customised solutions are surprisingly affordable.

Effective Communication

The needs of the average hotel are complex enough, but we understand that expectations and requirements can change over time. At Absolute Consultancy Services, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with hospitality businesses and maintain constant lines of communication to ensure everyone is on the same page.

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Secure Hosted Services for Hotels

Hotels and hospitality businesses deal with a lot of sensitive customer data. This makes them a prime target for cybercriminals. When you choose our hotel IT support services, you can be confident you’re meeting regulatory compliance, and we’ll help you create a robust cyber security plan.

Network Security

Guest information is considered a goldmine in the eyes of hackers. If your network security isn’t up to scratch, that information can be easily accessed. While your guests can be left out of pocket, news of your compromised network security can tarnish your hotel’s reputation indefinitely.

Hotel Phone Systems

A customised phone system can be a real asset for hotels. However, you’ll need insights from an experienced IT services provider to reap the biggest benefits of an internal phone system. When implemented effectively, phone systems can be used to enhance guest services and facilitate streamlined communication between your staff.

IT Infrastructure

We’re becoming increasingly dependent on technology in our daily lives. This tech can also be deployed across the hospitality and hotel sectors. An outdated IT infrastructure will make it impossible to introduce innovations to your business. To enhance guest experience and increase efficiency, bringing IT infrastructure up to date is essential.

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Always available for any questions and issues that require attention I would highly recommend Absolute Consultancy Services, always service with a smile very helpful and knowledgeable.

K Hall

As a new customer Excellent service received, initial response for help setting up a new small network was very quick to get the bottom of our existing sytem problems and make recommendations for the future, the solutions installed are all effective and value for money. Thanks guys .


We have had a complete overhaul and renewal of our IT system including new server. ACS came to our premises to carry out a full audit of our existing equipment and gave constructive advice about what was needed. This process has been surprisingly issue free due to the skill and efficiency of the ACS team. Follow up and support is excellent, with helpful and courteous response to queries. I would highly recommend ACS for IT provision.


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